Kingdom Hoops offers both personal and small group trainings (up to 6)! We understand the importance of specializing training to build up each players game.

Personal trainings are great!! They allow us to build a personalized plan for an individual to work on during training and outside of training to improve their skills. In addition to the drills that the players will be working through, we also ask parents to bring any video as well so that the trainers can have a good feel for their game play and make necessary adjustments to get them to the next level!

Group trainings are a great way to help players get a lot of reps and still compete within a small setting. It’s great for friends, teams, or even individuals that may need additional reps on top of what they are already doing. This environment fosters teamwork while keeping a focus on individual assignments.

As always- character building talks are a constant at Kingdom Hoops so regardless of what you choose- your player can expect that throughout training!

Please feel out the form below and submit the request- a trainer will be in touch with you to discuss payment and available training dates!

Personal and Group Training