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Paradise, Texas

Skills Academy June 2024

Skills Academy is all about building on fundamentals, strengthening weaknesses, preparation for next level play, improving decision making, building IQ, and of courseā€¦.CHARACTER BUILDING!!! Players will be challenged in every aspect of the game on a monthly basis. All drills are intended to help break down the game so that they can put the pieces together during gameplay.

Hosted by Coach Mandrae Collins

In efforts to accommodate the high demand- there will be 4 sessions a day as follows:


Each Sunday in June:

Grades / Session Times:


4-4:50pm (1st-3rd grade)
5-5:50pm (4th-6th grade)
6-6:50pm (7th-10th grade)

Each class will have a maximum of 20.

Training Location:
Paradise High School
338 School House Rd
Paradise, TX 76073